Epoxy Garage Flooring

Why Epoxy Garage Flooring?

by Leo Johnston


We start the quick and efficient two/three day process by prepping the garage floor or light industrial space through diamond grinding the surface. This removes any previous surfacing and allows for the epoxy to better set onto the floor. Precision and attention to detail is essential during this step to ensure the entire floor is prepped completely. This step is followed by vacuuming and sweeping the floor to guarantee a clean and smooth surface ready for the application of the epoxy.


The “zero-maintenance”, industrial grade epoxy is then professionally applied to the garage floor or light industrial space. There are 20 unique, pre-designed color options to choose from, but we also have unlimited color and flake options to pick from to add personalization to any space. We use a full broadcast of flakes. This makes each floor even more colorful and unique (see picture above for an example). Finally, a clear, top-coat of Urethane is added to the floor to give the “granite” look. This coat provides a zero-maintenance, oil and chemical resistant surface. Once the work is complete it takes approximately 24 hours until items can be moved back into the garage and approximately 72 hours until cars are able to drive on the floor.


Our epoxy garage flooring will provide 20+ years lifespan with no maintenance and resistant surface. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction for life, so if any questions or concerns arise we are always here to help. Our epoxy garage flooring is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.