Epoxy Garage Flooring

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

by Leo Johnston


To start off the process, prepping the garage floor or light industrial space is essential for getting the optimal results. Diamond grinding and vacuuming the surface insures that the epoxy lays properly on the surface. The high-quality, zero-maintenance epoxy is applied first to the floor and is the base color. The paint flakes, which are added next, give each garage floor or space a unique look and design that can be customized by each DIYer. Lastly, the top coat that is added to the floor contains urethane, which is added to give a “granite look” to the surface.


DIY Epoxy Garage Flooring provides 20 unique color options for each customer to choose from. This allows personalization to each individual’s garage floor or light industrial space. Finding the perfect colors to compliment personal tastes can turn any ugly, dirty garage floor into something beautiful and elegant while making the surface more durable and resistant.


There are many benefits that come from applying epoxy to any garage floor or light industrial space. First, there is no maintenance required. The epoxy allows for an easy to clean, durable, and oil and chemical resistant surface. Second, there is a twenty-plus-years lifespan when applying epoxy to various surfaces. It is an investment in a home that will add value and appeal, which will pay for itself many times over. Lastly, epoxy can be applied to any garage floor, interior, utility room or outdoor patio making it a perfect option for many locations throughout a home or business.