Epoxy Garage Flooring

Epoxy Coatings

by Leo Johnston


There are various coatings Epoxy Garage Flooring, LLC offers customers for those who are looking for a more unique look to their garage floor or light industrial space. These coatings provide the same benefits as the regular coated epoxy floors, such as industrial grade, “zero-maintenance” and oil and chemical resistant. The only difference is the appearance for the coatings.


One of the coatings offered is mica flakes (pictured above). Mica flakes add a sparkle to every surface. The mica flakes can be combined with other colored flakes or by themselves then 100% broadcasted on top of a colored epoxy basecoat and covered with a urethane top coat. Mica flakes come in a variety of color variations that can be customized by each individual.


The other coating offered is metallic epoxy (pictured right). This coating is quite different from regular epoxy in both application process and appearance. The metallic coating creates depth and movement in the floor that resembles a marble- like finish. Metallic coatings are not only aesthetically desirable, but also provide excellent durability and resistances. A variety of colors are available for metallic coating, such as greys and browns.